The Digital Concierge

With their smart mobile app platform every hotelier can have their own hotel app at an affordable price. Imagine, your personal recommendations for food, drinks, attractions, tours and other useful hotel info, exclusively in the hands of your guests at all times. The Digital Concierge offers immediate answers to questions that arise when walking through the city and the buid-in navigation and bring-me-back-button make it easier for your guests to get to their destination. This app is not about replacing personal contact with your guests, it will only make it more efficient and it adds to your customer service.

The Digital Concierge wanted to simplify the process of adding recommendations. In the old system it would require a user to look up and enter a lot of data. Think of  a name, a description, a photo, the address, the website, the phone number and opening hours of every recommendation.

The new system has a different approach. It only requires the user to find the location in the Google Places database and details of the place are automatically retrieved. This scalable philosophy reduced time of a task that would take a couple of hours, to a task that is done in minutes.


November, 2016


Design, Development


CSS, HTML, Javascript, miBadger, PHP

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