Plastic Soup Foundation

More and more plastic waste is ending up in our oceans and seas. Due to the effects of weathering, sunlight and wave action, this plastic reduces to smaller particles. This leads to serious pollution. The oceans occupy 72% of the earth’s surface and they are our principal source of oxygen. Plastic pollution is therefore a serious threat to earth’s vital ecosystem, especially because plastic does not biodegrade.

The Plastic Soup Foundation is on a mission to clean the earth from plastic waste. The earth is a big place and they can’t complete this mission without a little help. In cooperation with PINCH, we created the Beat The Micro Bead app and backend. The application lets you scan your everyday products to see if there is any plastic waste in there. The backend lets the Plastic Soup Foundation manage all the products they collected.


December, 2015




CSS, HTML, Javascript, miBadger, PHP

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