NV schade

NV Schade is the non-profit disability insurer for the metal, engineering and automotive industry. They help employees and employers confronted with short-term disability back on track. With welfare but also with expert advice. NV Schade wanted to also display this expertise on their website, but sadly this was outdated. That’s why they’ve asked us to build a new website based on their old website.

Subsequently, we have designed and build a modern website with a professional appearance. In doing so, we have paid extra attention to user-friendliness and accessibility. To ensure that everyone who needs NV Schade can actually reach them. While the website has a lot of content, and has therefore been split into two different sections, we have made sure that all the information can be found quickly and easily, so that users with worker’s disability can quickly find what they need.


September, 2019


Design, Development


CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Wordpress

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