IQ Creative

IQ Creative is a leading hospitality group that has developed, owns and operates 12 unique food, beverage and nightlife concepts in Amsterdam. IQ Creative strives to differentiate itself in the busy and competitive hospitality industry in Amsterdam, by staying on the forefront of conceptual developments and innovations within the hospitality branch. IQ’s twelve concepts include Mazzo, Happyhappyjoyjoy West, Happyhappyjoyjoy East, Wolf Atelier, Envy, supperclub, supperclub cruise, HOPPA, Apt, Heineken Hoek, Vyne and Julius bar&grill.

It was time for IQ to give some love and attention to their own brand. The new website is a one stop shop for the news and activities of their concepts. Are you curious to know what their next concept will be? Don’t hesitate to check their website!


January, 2016




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