How do I configurate a contactform?

In the dashboard menu on the left you’ll find ‘Contact’. Here you’ll see all the contactforms which have been configurated and the settings. You can add a new form by clicking ‘Add New’. Also you can add different inputfields to your form.

  • Text: plain textfield
  • Email: email field
  • URL: URL field (webaddress)
  • Tel: phonenumber field
  • Number: field where you can only fill in numbers
  • Date: field where you can choose a date
  • Text area: large textfield, usually used for a message
  • Drop-down menu: drop-down menu where you can select out of multiple options
  • Checkboxes: checkboxes where you can select one or more options
  • Radio buttons: checkboxes where you can select only one option
  • Acceptance: checkbox which you can check to accept the terms and conditions
  • Quiz: quiz for the contactform
  • reCAPTCHA: way to avoid spam
  • File: field to upload files (you can choose which file-size and -types you wish to receive)
  • Submit: a submit button

Below ‘Mail’ you’ll find a layout of the mail you’ll receive when the user sends a mail through the contactform. Here you can specify how you would like to receive the email.

Below ‘Messages’ you’ll see the errors a user can get by filling in the contactform (like a required field).

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