Juice Brothers

At JuiceBrothers, our goal is to create quality cold-pressed juice that is nutritious and delicious as hell. Our young and thirsty team makes all juices fresh daily, using a method of cold-pressing that locks in the maximum essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and preserves the natural flavors of the produce. Using organic fruits and vegetables, and other natural ingredients, JuiceBrothers creates the tastiest, healthiest recipes you can imagine. These immunity-boosting, antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory blends nourish and promote overall well-being.

After reading this awesome mission we could only do one thing … Create a fresh and kick-ass website that suited the needs of these delicious juice suppliers. In cooperation with Patrick Wagemaker we lived up to that expectation. Check the result at juicebro.com.


May, 2015




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