Who we are

The web design & development bureau since 2010

Everyone at miWebb has great passion for the online landscape.

Design, technology & strategy have a significant impact on the software that miWebb develops.

We help you in realizing your brand, software or service. Together we will take this to the next level. miWebb brings your ideas to life and builds them into tangible & user-friendly products with a unique brand character.

What we do

Maximize the potential of your idea

We help you achieve the maximum potential of your brand.

How do we do this? We are curious, love to think along with you and strategically analyze how we can work together in order to take your idea to the next level. We do this step by step to ensure we keep processes clear & efficient.

This way you give your product the jump-start it needs in order to grow further in the digital world.

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What miWebb has to offer!


So good that everything is self-evident for the end user!

Good design is not only aesthetic, but works as well! So well that everything is self-evident to the user. User-friendliness is our biggest motivator. Based on your concept, we choose a matching strategy to achieve the goal as efficiently as possible, with maximum impact.

From moodboard to corporate identity, wireframe to prototype and user experience to pixel perfect design.


New developments offer new growth opportunities!

The digital world is constantly changing. New technologies & innovations are created on a daily basis. These new developments also offer new opportunities for growth. miWebb doesn’t stand still & delves into this. This is how we keep our knowledge up-to-date. We then proceed to use this knowledge towards the optimization of existing software & the creation of new digital products.


Creating an online presence

It is important to think about all text, photos and videos that are put out on the web. They represent your brand and can help to grow your online presence.

Online advertisement can be done in many different ways. For example by using banners and text ads, but also by email, digital newsletters & Google AdWords campaigns. With our content strategy we can help you build your brand and respond to Google’s strategy in order to attract more visitors. We can also help you measure the performances of your brand and the manner in which your product is being used, and subsequently help optimize your strategy.

With thorough analysis, user insights and A/B testing we can help your brand reach new heights.

About miWebb

Who are we & what do we do