Page speed matters

A fast loading page doesn’t help a visitor to find the content he is looking for. A slow page means that a visitors might leave even tough the right content was on that page. The main goal of a search engine is to provide a user the content he is looking for. At the time of writing, there are no populair search engines that actually understand what the meaning of the content is.  This means search engine need all kind of “smart” algorithms to bridge this gap. One of the parameters for there algorithms is the pagespeed.

Bounce rate, conversion rate and more

Of course there is more to page speed than just Google Rankings. It’s also says something about the way your visitors experience your website. Over 40% of your visitors leave if they have to wait more then 3 seconds for a page load according to KissMetrics. The same page speed issue also causes up to 7% conversion reduction. Imagine you have a webshop and you miss sales everyday just because your website isn’t fast enough.

Test it yourself

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