What do you do to keep my website up-to-date?

When you host your website at miWebb there are two parts that need to be up-to-date. There is the server, which is like a small computer which runs you website, and there is the website or webapp itself. Both pieces need to be up-to-date and maintained. With the coming of the new GDPR law (click here for more information) all websites and web servers need to be up-to-date by design.

We run only up-to-date software on our servers. We also use a program called Patchman, which updates our software automatically when new vulnerabilities are known. To ensure the security on a server level we provide every website with a http2 connection and a free SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt.

Every website need to be also secured at a website level. This is a bit more complicated. Because every website and webapp is different, there is no structured way to keep every website up-to-date. We offer a monthly or quarterly maintenance subscription option for our customers. With this subscription we will take a look at your website and decide what actions are needed to keep your website up-to-date, save and GDPR-proof. For more information contact us by filling out the contact form, here, send us a mail or give us a call!

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