How do I configure my mail on my iPhone?

Before you follow this faq, first check if your email is hosted by miWebb!

On this page we will explain how you can receive your email on your iPhone.
You need the following information:

  • Your email address;
  • Your email password;
  • Your website address.

Step 1 – Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Open Settings (Figure 1). On the settings screen you will find all settings for your iPhone(Figure 2). Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars to manage your mail accounts.

Figure 1 – Settings Shortcut

Figure 2 – Settings: Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Step 2 – Add the account

In your Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen select Add Account. Scroll down and select Other (Figure 3). A number of new options appears. Click on Add Mail Account to add a new email address.

Figure 3 – Add Account window

Step 3 – Configure the account

You will be presented with the login screen for the new account (Figure 4). Fill in the fields as follows:

  • Name: enter your own name or the name you want recipients of your mail to see;
  • Email: enter the email address you want to use here;
  • Password: enter the password of your email address here.
  • Description: Will be filled in automatically as you fill in your email, can be changed to whatever you want. This is the name of the account you are creating, later on this will be the name that you can find your account under on your iPhone.

Figure 4 – Configure email account

Step 4 – Configure the mail server

Once you press Next on your new account, you’ll find IMAP preselected (don’t change this!) and your name, email and description filled out for you.  More data is being requested (Figure 5). Your iPhone still lacks the login details to receive and send your mail. Fill in the fields as follows:

Incoming mail server

  • Host Name: Enter your website address with mail. before it. Is your website address Then fill in;
  • Username: Enter your email address, the one you are trying to configure to your iPhone, the same one you used in the previous step;
  • Password: Should be autocompleted and is the password to your email address.

Outgoing mail server

  • Host Name: Enter the same as Incoming Mail Server. Leave the other options blank.

Then press Next. This may take a little while. Your mail has now been configured to your iPhone.

Figure 5 – Configuring Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server

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