How can I open my mail via the Webmail?

Before you follow this faq, first check if your e-mail is hosted by miWebb!

On this page you will find the information you need to access your email in your browser.
You need the following information:

  • Your website address;
  • Your username (this is your email address);
  • Your e-mail password.

Step 1 – Open the webmail

Your webmail is hosted on your website by miWebb. To open the webmail browse to your website with /roundcube behind it. Is your website Then your webmail is on

Step 2 – Log in to your webmail

If you have loaded the webmail page you will be presented with a login form (figure 1). Enter your username in the username field. This is usually your e-mail address itself, for example Enter your password in the password field, for example ]z9sA4:pa+)WqW#UFA]Ccbe8. Then press Login to go to your webmail.

Figure 1: The login screen

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