GDPR, one year later

On May 25th, 2018 the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) took effect. At the time we wrote a blog post with a short checklist to check whether your website is GDPR-compliant.
Now, exactly one year later, we as a company want to explain to you what steps we took together with our customers.


HTTPS is a way to secure an Internet connection between the web server (where the website is hosted) and the visitor. This happens by means of an SSL certificate and is mandatory for websites that process personal information (such as a contact form) since the GDPR took effect. You can identify whether a website is secured with an SSL certificate by searching for the padlock icon in the address bar of the browser. When a website has this padlock icon, it has an SSL certificate.

Since the GDPR took effect all customers who host at miWebb have an SSL certificate and can offer their visitors a secure connection.


Every night web hosting at miWebb runs Patchman, a program that checks websites for security vulnerabilities. In case a vulnerability is found, it is automatically patched. Every customer has the possibility to view the logbook with the scans and the vulnerabilities found, in his control panel.

This proactive check ensures that websites contain a lot less vulnerabilities. This keeps hackers out.

Updates & Maintenance

The GDPR dictates that software needs to be kept up to date and that includes websites. A car needs regular maintenance in order to keep functioning, why would a website be any different?
A large part of our clients employ miWebb for monthly or quarterly maintenance. This means that we check the website, update everything and solve potential problems.

Naturally, it is also possible to update your own website, but in practice this is often forgotten. It is also possible that compatibility issues occur during the updating of the separate parts of a website. When the problems eventually come to light, solving them often leads to higher expenses than the price of regular maintenance. When we take care of the maintenance of your website for you, we solve potential update related issues immediately.